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Explore the wonders of Costa Rica with us



Upon arrival, you’ll meet your personal naturalist guide, who will lead you on hiking and nature excursions and will organize any activities you want. Experience everything Costa Rica has to offer just the way you want it. We will take care of all the details, so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.


In-House Guides

Unlock the secrets of Costa Rica’s most iconic adventure destination. Our team is passionate about making sure your experiences are unique —some thrilling, some relaxing, all awe-inspiring.

Our private guides will let you explore the rainforest at your own pace, stopping for a snack if you’re hungry, or racing to the top of a hill if you’re up to it.

Pablo Castillo

Growing up in the fields,  Pablo was always in contact with nature, so it was natural for him to choose to be a tourist guide when he continued studying after high school. “I love to see the smiles on guests’ faces when they discover something new,” he says. “ I feel I am an ambassador of the natural beauty and the culture of my country.” Pablo enjoys bird-watching, soccer, and his guitar, but what he loves the most is what he does every day: being a naturalist.

Ana Emilia Villalobos

“I grew up in a small agricultural town named Tilaran in Guanacaste,” says Ana. “My family always loved to take care of animals and that was transmitted to me as a young girl. At 17 I went to study at the university on a scholarship because my parents had no money. My passion is nature and I enjoy very much educating people about taking care of our resources. I believe that we need to learn to live in harmony with nature and to conserve our wildlife and rainforests to preserve our earth for both animals and human beings.”

Yahira Sibaja Arroyo

Enamored with the fauna and flora of the rainforest, Yahaira is always with her camera photographing everything from wild mushrooms to flying hawks. She is proud of her knowledge of insects and mammals and became a certified Naturalist Guide after many years of studying. Her passion is filming birds in their nests and in flight.


Calling all thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies! Arenal is referred to as the adventure capital of Costa Rica for good reason. Experience zip lining across the top of the rainforest canopy, or rappelling down the side of Arenal’s waterfalls. Whether white-water rafting on the Sarapiqui River or hiking the Arenal Volcano, we promise you the jungle adventure of a lifetime.


Traverse hanging bridges and trek over dry lava fields to examine pristine rainforests. Discover waterfalls and crystal blue rivers, and soak in hot springs. Stand in the shadows of huge trees, the centuries-old guardians of the forest. Costa Rica is home to over 900 bird species, and Arenal has plenty of tanagers, hummingbirds, toucans, and oropendolas. The birds, multi-colored frogs and amphibians, volcano craters, and exotic plants all make for a unique region to explore on foot.


Learn about coffee cultivation as you visit a plantation, and taste delicious hot chocolate freshly made with organic cacao.  Discover the rainforest and the different species of plants and animals while you float along the many hectares of the jungle of the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. Visit The Proyecto Asis, where rescued animals are taken care of. Discover the arts and crafts of the Maleko indigenous population with an organized visit to a Maleko village.


Nayara grounds are bursting with wildlife. You can spot sloths and monkeys on our trails, or join a bird watching walk at dawn. After dark, you can join a frog scouting tour where you can see diminutive red-eyed tree frogs and blue-jean frogs in our ponds. Our resort is also a botanist and gardener’s paradise. Our trails are teeming with tropical plants and exotic flowers, from heliconias and orchids to cacao and plantain trees. Our Armadillo Trail showcases fruit trees on both sides of the winding path.